Il Portale della Regione Calabria per le imprese

The Special Economic Zone

The SEZ Section of the "" site fulfills the requirement to digitize the “Sportello Unico”desk provided by art. 5 paragraph 1, letter a-ter of the L.D.. n. 91/2017

What’s the SEZ (ما هي المناطق الاقتصادية الخاصة)

The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographically delimited and clearly identified area that includes at least a port or airport area, connected to the trans-European transport network (TEN-T), and other functionally connected areas. The SEZ aims to create favorable conditions in economic, financial and administrative terms, which allow the development of companies already operating, as well as the establishment of new companies.

The ZES Calabria was established under Prime Ministerial Decree 11/05/2018 and identified with Regional Council Decree n. 100 on 29/03/2018, which has approved the Strategic Development Plan.

For more information go to Goals and governance

The SEZ Calabria (ما هي المناطق الاقتصادية الخاصة بمدينة كالابريا)

The SEZ Calabria includes 14 areas inside the main port areas (Reggio Calabria, Gioia Tauro, Corigliano Calabro, Villa San Giovanni, Crotone, Vibo Valentia) and airport ones.
(Lamezia Terme, Crotone, Reggio Calabria), as well as the industrial areas next to these hubs (Gioia Tauro, Sen Ferdinando, Rosarno; Crotone; Porto Salvo, Vibo Valentia; Schiavonea, Corigliano-Rossano; Lamezia Terme).



      Size (ha) SEZ area
specified in SDP Calabria
        AIRPORTS         Area n. 1     Lamezia Terme 25,70
Area n. 2 Crotone 21,37
Area n. 3                Reggio Calabria             27,03
AMOUNT 74,10


      Size (ha) SEZ area
specified in SDP Calabria
Area n. 4                   Reggio Calabria             9,68
Area n. 5 Gioia Tauro 402,00
Area n. 6 Corigliano 51,90
Area n. 7 Villa S.Giovanni 3,65
Area n. 8 Crotone 26,00
Area n. 9 Vibo Valentia 15,20
AMOUNT 508,43


      Size (ha) SEZ area
specified in SDP Calabria
Area n. 10    Gioia Tauro 607,00
Area n. 11 Crotone 380,00
Area n. 12 Porto Salvo Vibo Valentia 184,00
Area n. 13 Schiavonea Corigliano Calabro 340,00
Area n. 14 Lamezia Terme 351,00


To learn about the main characteristics of the SEZ Calabria, you should click on the map on the side and refer the sheets.

The cartographic elaborations were produced by the CCR, which is the Regional Cartographic Center. They did this by using CTR's data which was updated until 2008, as well as the cadastral base which was updated to 2011.

The information on environmental constraints were extracted from the Calabria Region Geoportal, from the website of the District Basin Authority of the Southern Apennines and from the Geoportal of the Calabria Region AOU Mountain, Forests and Forestry Policies, Soil Conservation.

Business Opportunities (فرص للشركات)

By investing in SEZ areas, companies can take advantage of simplified administrative procedures and reduction of deadlines (compared to procedures and regimes required by ordinary legislation) in the start-up and development of economic activities; of access to existing infrastructures and services; of appropriate fiscal and financial aids.

Furthermore, companies can benefit from the strategic position compared to the main traffic routes and network economies, thanks to the relationship with other companies and institutions, universities and trade associations.

For further information, you should refer Financial and Fiscal Aids e Administrative Simplification.

Monitoring of regional economic activities development system (مراقبة نظام تطوير الأنشطة الاقتصادية الإقليمية)

The companies operating in SEZ are about 1200. You can explore dimensional, organizational and sectorial features on page Companies operating in SEZ

How to set-up (كيفية التسوية)

  • Identify the SEZ area on the map and refer the sheet (Where to set up your business in the SEZs SECTION)
  • Check the availability of financing and benefits (Financial and fiscal Aids SECTION)
  • Refer the administrative procedures related to the investment to be made (Administrative Simplification SECTION)
  • Request information using the appropriate form (SEZ Desk SECTION). The request will be taken over and processed by the SEZ Desk which, if necessary, will carry out the necessary checks with the managers of the areas and will provide specific information and assistance on the process of submitting the application for settlement.
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