Il Portale della Regione Calabria per le imprese


The recognition of the companies set up in the SEZ areas, by using Unioncamere data which, was updated until 2020

had the following phases:

  • Data Acquisition from the Chambers of Commerce about active local units in the SEZ municipalities, regarding (Name / Company Name, FC/VAT, Legal Form, Address, Year of Incorporation, ATECO code, Employees, Share capital, Revenues, Profit, Net and Active Assets). Information was provided on 54,491 local units
  • Geocoding and georeferencing of all companies by identifying geographic coordinates and localization on maps
  • Identification of companies falling within the perimeter of the SEZ areas
  • Verification of SEZ companies with the lists of established companies / concessionaires provided by the managing bodies (CORAP, SACAL, port authorities)
  • Processing of data falling within the SEZ areas

Overall view

On the basis of CCIAA data, following the georeferencing process, the active local units established in the SEZ areas are 1200. Most of these are located in the industrial areas behind the port (about 96%).
The main sectors are trade (30%), manufacturing (20%), agriculture (14%) and transport and storage (8.8%)
SEZ companies are relatively young, 70% of which set up after 2000.
The dominant legal forms are the limited liability company (39%) and the sole proprietorship (32%)
The companies are mainly small and micro: four fifths employ fewer than 10 employees.

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