Il Portale della Regione Calabria per le imprese

Scheda n.: 05
Tipologia ZES (SEZ type): Porto
Comune (Municipality): Gioia Tauro, Rosarno, San Ferdinando
Ente Gestore (Managing Body): Port Authority of Southern Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas
Fogli Catastali (Cadastral sheets): 1, 3, 7, 8, 13, 14 e 19 di Gioia Tauro e 32 di San Ferdinando
Superficie totale Area (Total surface Area) (ha): 402
Riferimenti (References):

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Gioia Tauro is the largest transshipment terminal in Italy and one of the most important container traffic hubs in the Mediterranean basin. Overlooking the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea, it is in a central position respect to the intercontinental routes that cross the Mediterranean basin, as well as in a median position along the Suez - Gibraltar route. The port infrastructure, classified as category II - class I of international importance, is equipped with infrastructures and means that allow it to accommodate transoceanic ships in transit in the Mediterranean and capable of handling any product category.

The port district falls within the municipalities of Gioia Tauro and San Ferdinando. The port has a channel configuration. It spread over ​​620 hectares, 440 of which are intended for the terminal and 180 for the sea. The entrance, located to the south, has an opening of 300 meters above average sea level. The evolution basin is circular, with a diameter of 750 meters. The depth of the seabed varies between minus 14.5 and minus 18 meters. At the north end, there is a further evolution basin of 450 meters in diameter. The width of the channel is 250 meters above the sea level. The operational spaces are also of absolute importance: it has 5130 meters of docks 3395 of which are located along the east side, 815 along the north side and 920 meters to the west for RoRo units. The port area has a total size of ​​approximately 1 million and 800 thousand sq.m. To the south, there is a dock for mooring boats used for port services and fishing and pleasure activities, equipped with docks 243 meters long. In the port there is a container terminal, in concession to the Med Center Container Terminal, which has service area for the storage and handling of containers equal to 1 million and 500 thousand sq.m, and a terminal for car transshipment, along the north side of the canal which extends for about 280 square meters. The SEZ area of ​​the port of Gioia Tauro is made up of the "maritime state-owned areas, the port works and the opposite water spaces included in the stretch of coast that runs from the beginning of the seafront of the municipality of San Ferdinando, coinciding with the point where the existing port fence arrives on the coast, at the root of the breakwater south of the port” (Ministerial Decree 4 August 1998). Waters are excluded. The area size included in the SEZ perimeter corresponds to approximately 402 ha.



The SEZ Calabria strategic plan, chap. 9 “Facilitations and incentives”, (P.M.D. 12/2018 art. 6, l. g, c. 1) identifies the following main facilities to support the SEZ:

  • Tax credit (Law 208/2015)
  • Development contracts (MISE Agreement, 2-017, D.G.R. 93/2018)
  • Law 181/89 (D.G.R. 423/2016, D.G.R. 95/2018)
  • Craft Fund (D.G.R. 580/2017)

Furthermore, the law n. 178/2020 (Budget Law 2021), art. 1, c. 173-176, introduced a further facility for businesses that set up new economic initiatives in SEZ areas, regarding the reduction by 50% in income taxes for activities carried out in the SEZ.

Infrastrutture e servizi:

Infrastructures and services:

Ordinary infrastructures

  • Link Road infrastructures to motorways and road networks
  • Inland railway infrastructures
  • Inland Road Infrastructures
  • Water supply infrastructures (industrial water)
  • Telematic/telephone/fiber infrastructures
  • Energy infrastructures (gas)
  • Energy infrastructures (electricity)
  • Waste collection/removal infrastructures
  • Security and control infrastructures
  • Access gates
  • Areas subject to different restrictions
  • Areas subject to customs restrictions
  • Areas subject to state-owned restrictions
  • Connotative Infrastructures
  • Coastal depot
  • Depot, petrol pumps and bunkers


Connotative infrastructures

  • Infrastructures and dock areas: freight/containers, commercial and passengers’ traffic, services and dockyards, crane
  • Depot service areas (containers, freight, etc.)
  • Wastewater purification Infrastructure
  • Environmental warning infrastructures
  • Distinct areas for admitted activities (industrial, commercial, artisanal,
  • shipbuilding, logistics, services, ...) with indications and identification of the parcels
  • Environmental monitoring infrastructure
Strumento Urbanistico vigente:

Available zoning regulation:

ASI Territorial Regulatory Plan and its variants which, pursuant to Article 27 of Law 84/94, take effect as the available Port Regulatory Plan

Vincoli presenti:


Environmentally protective restrictions: The north of the SEZ development area is subject to the environmentally protective restriction for Buildings and Areas of Public Interest 180062 "Panoramic Tyrrhenian Coast Area - Rosarno San Ferdinando", Ministerial Decree 12/12/1967, G.U. n. 325 of 30.12.1967.
The entire SEZ development area, except for the northern area subject to the 180062 restriction, is instead subject to the environmental restriction for Buildings and Areas of Public Interest 180046 "Panoramic Tyrrhenian Coast Area - Gioia Tauro", Ministerial Decree 11/10/1967, Official Gazette n. 269 ​​of 27.10.1967.
The entire coastal strip of the SEZ development area is subject to the "Coastal Territories" restriction (Ref. Art. 142 of Legislative Decree no. 42/2004).
Close to the south side of the SEZ development area, there is a strip subject to the "Rivers" restriction. (Ref. Art. 142 of the legislative decree n. 42/2004)

Restrictions in Hydrogeological Structure Plan: With reference to the PAI, the south side of the SEZ development area is surrounded by an area of ​​attention in correspondence with the River Budello.

Restrictions in Coastal Erosion Plan: The outer belt of the port falls within the PSEC risk areas (P4 - high risk).

Flood Risk Areas Management Plan: Compared to the PGRA, coordinated at the hydrographic district level, in correspondence with the Budello River, there is a band of area affected by floods identified according to the national specifications



Regione Calabria
Dipartimento “Programmazione Unitaria”
Settore n. 8 “Coordinamento ZES”
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