Il Portale della Regione Calabria per le imprese

Scheda n.: 11
Tipologia ZES (SEZ type): Agglomerato Industriale
Comune (Municipality): Crotone
Ente Gestore (Managing Body): CORAP – Consorzio regionale per le attività produttive
Fogli Catastali (Cadastral sheets): 17, 21 e 22 di Crotone
Superficie totale Area (Total surface Area) (ha): 380
Riferimenti (References):
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The SEZ area, included in the industrial agglomeration of Crotone, is located within the north of the city of Crotone and its port. It is made up of two distinct areas separated by the Passovecchio stream which extend for a total of about 380 ha.

The area, based on CORAP data, sees the location of over 100 companies, about two-fifths of those globally located in the agglomeration. The most represented production sectors are manufacturing (engineering, agro-industry, electronics), wholesale and retail trade and services to people.

In the field of metalworking, heavy metal carpentry prevails, which has also developed thanks to the long presence in Crotone of the large Pertusola and Montedison industries, operational until the end of the 1980s, which have allowed the birth of local subcontractors of goods and serv companies



The SEZ Calabria strategic plan, chap. 9 “Facilitations and incentives”, (P.M.D. 12/2018 art. 6, l. g, c. 1) identifies the following main facilities to support the SEZ:

  • Tax credit (Law 208/2015)
  • Development contracts (MISE Agreement, 2-017, D.G.R. 93/2018)
  • Law 181/89 (D.G.R. 423/2016, D.G.R. 95/2018)
  • Craft Fund (D.G.R. 580/2017)

Furthermore, the law n. 178/2020 (Budget Law 2021), art. 1, c. 173-176, introduced a further facility for businesses that set up new economic initiatives in SEZ areas, regarding the reduction by 50% in income taxes for activities carried out in the SEZ.

Infrastrutture e servizi:

Infrastructures and services:

Ordinary infrastructures

Link Road infrastructures to motorways and road networks:
- Main roads constituted by the S.S. 106 and S.S. 107.

Inland road infrastructure:
- The area is equipped with penetration roads owned and / or by the Corap which takes care of its management and maintenance.

Water supply infrastructure (industrial water):
- Water supply and distribution network, both civil and industrial, serving the agglomeration.

Infrastructure of sewage and sewage treatment:
- Existing sewerage network to the consortium purifier.

Telematic/telephone/fiber infrastructures:
- Existing internal telephone and data network

Energy infrastructure (gas):
- Existing methane network

Energy infrastructure (electricity):
- Existing MV and LV electricity grid.

Access gates:
- South - north connection with the E 90 - S.S. 106 Taranto Reggio Calabria, from the North from the E 846, S.S. 107 Cosenza - Crotone. From the S.S. 106 branch off the S.P. 52 and S.P. 51:
- Crotone railway station adjacent to the industrial area;
- Port of Crotone adjacent to the industrial agglomeration.

Areas distinguished by admitted activities (industrial, commercial, craft, shipbuilding, logistics, services, ...) with indications and identification of the lots:
- Within the industrial agglomeration areas, all activities can be established if they are compatible with the guidelines plan and not detrimental to the neighboring activities already established.


Connotative Infrastructures

Waste treatment infrastructures:
- Consortium purification plant


In this area there is the NET-Natura Energia Territorio Innovation Hub (, established in 2011, with the aim of encouranging and sponsoring the innovation processes of regional companies, with reference to the sustainable territorial governance, safeguarding of natural environment and waste management, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, animation and release of scientific and technological information. The Hub, which belongs to the innovation area of S3 Calabria "Environment and natural risks", provides companies with analysis and study services; prototyping, patenting and construction of warning system and seismic protection devices; engineering, legal and contract consultancy; training.

Strumento Urbanistico vigente:

Available zoning regulation:

CORAP Regulatory City Plan (Services  Conference 03/02/2009)

Vincoli presenti:


Environmetally protective restrictions: The coastal strip of the SEZ Development Area is subject to the "Coastal Territory" restriction. (Ref. Art. 142 of Legislative Decree no. 42/2004).
In the SEZ development areas, there are ones affected by the "Streams of water" restriction, in correspondence with the Purifier Valley (on the north side) and the Passovecchio Canal (on the south). (Ref. Art. 142 of Legislative Decree no. 42/2004).
The SEZ areas border the SIN Crotone.

Hydrogeological Asset Plan Restrictions: The SEZ development area in correspondence with the Purifier Valley (north side), is crossed by a warning zone. There are also bands of risk areas with different risk (R1-R2-R3-R4).

Flood Risk Areas Management Plan: Compared to the PGRA, coordinated at the hydrographic district level, the presence of areas affected by floods is detected, identified according to the national specifications, in correspondence with the Purifier Valley (north side), the Fosso del Passovecchio (to the south) and in correspondence with the main collectors.



Regione Calabria
Dipartimento “Programmazione Unitaria”
Settore n. 8 “Coordinamento ZES”
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