Il Portale della Regione Calabria per le imprese

The Special Economic Zone

Regione Calabria adopted a series of laws and regulations aimed to simplify administrative proceedings concerned economic and business activities.

SURAP - Regional single point of contact for productive activities 

The Regional Productive Activities Desk (R.C.D. n. 235/2012) represents a network for public administrations in support of entrepreneurs, in order to let them connect through a telematic tool (Calabria SUAP platform).

As foreseen in the Strategic Development Plan of the SEZ Calabria, the Regional Productive Activities Desk system guarantees the functional integration between each local Productive Activities desk (SUAP) and other authorities involved in the proceedings. Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 160/2010, the Municipality is the only public subject in charge for all procedures related to the development of productive activities and the provision of services, and those related to localization, construction, transformation, restructuring or conversion, extension or transfer, as well as activity termination or reactivation, including those listed in Legislative Decree no. 59. The SUAP regulation does not include energy plants and infrastructures, activities related to the use of sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials, nuclear plants and radioactive waste disposal, prospecting, research and hydrocarbon cultivation.

The list of procedures, the related unified forms and Calabriasuap platform link for sending the applications to the SUAP in the SEZ area are available in the Administrative Simplification section.

The counter also gives the following services:

  • New tools and simplified procedures to identify the relevant area to the investor needs through online service.
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